Reclaimed Domestic

A domestic labor infrastructure that acts as a bridge between the urban educational system and the existing comedores system in Lima, Peru Critic:Anna Puigjaner Partners:Adina Bauman Year:2020 The kitchen is where domestic work has progressively lost its economic value and become instead a labor of love, as Silvia Federici names it. But domestic work hasContinue reading “Reclaimed Domestic”

Wetland Craving

A wetland in which human senses are disrupted and re-attuned to the differing rhythms of the surrounding landscape and animals Critic:Lindy Roy Year:2019 ‘Wastelands’ carry with them the powerful feeling of disgust in all its forms, but also a potential new mythology about nature and our place in it instead of outside of it. Newburgh,Continue reading “Wetland Craving”

A Hall Made of Wool

An institution that allows for mis-processes and muddled conversations, encouraging non-doing and a sort of deep mis-communication Critic:Paul Priessner Year:2019 A Hall Made of Wool takes the limitations of the symbolic to heart. The history of modernity is the history of democracies, and in the history of democracy stands the Public Hall. How might weContinue reading “A Hall Made of Wool”

A House Filled With Things

An armature for living with program based on interaction with our things instead of convention Critic:Eric Bunge Partners:Hector Andres Garcia Year:2018 Innovation in housing is often viewed as a fight between the apparent opposites of density and light. Reconsidering this pair of terms, A House Filled with Things takes on the objects we live with,Continue reading “A House Filled With Things”

Brooklyn Theater

A flexible theater where program can be mixed and matched by a diverse demographic Critic:Craig Schwitter Partners:Allison Fricke, Helena Pestana, Ericka Song Year:2018 A successful building is not only visually compelling, but also well-built and functionally advanced. The key to functional balance and synergy is interweaving the complex and, at times, conflicting building systems. InContinue reading “Brooklyn Theater”

Climate Library

Haptic spaces of highly mechanized extreme microclimates that humble the user who acknowledges the intrinsic limits of human potency Critic:Christoph C. Kumpusch Year:2018 Climate Library considers the role of the physical body, and its surrounding climate, in the production of knowledge and ethics. The library is composed of haptic spaces of highly mechanized extreme weatherContinue reading “Climate Library”

Terms for Cognitive Activism

A diagrammed glossary with which to confront the new spirit of capitalism with the brain itself imported into the very apparatus of resistant thought Critic:David Moon Year:2020 The new model of the brain progressively elucidated by modern neuroscience emerges in a particular context: it co-occurs with a radical modification of the economic and social environment.Continue reading “Terms for Cognitive Activism”