A House Filled With Things

An armature for living with program based on interaction with our things instead of convention

Eric Bunge

Hector Andres Garcia


Innovation in housing is often viewed as a fight between the apparent opposites of density and light. Reconsidering this pair of terms, A House Filled with Things takes on the objects we live with, the density of stuff that fills our homes and structures daily life.

By focusing on an architecture of the perimeter, A House refuses prescriptive spatial cues and hierarchies. All objects and amenities are pushed to the envelope, resulting in a modulation between density of objects and light and privacy. Marie Kondo tells us to keep “only those things that speak to your heart” and to discard the rest. But I say keep all those things that provide you with privacy!

With the center left deregulated, spaces fluctuate between determinacy and indeterminacy. A House refuses to separate space into areas for eating/living/ sleeping. An armature is created for living with program not based on convention but on interaction with our things.

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