Experiments in materiality, representation, and animation

New allegorical taxonomies for the visualization of climate change.

Iterative feedback in fabrication through mold casting

Personal respiration frequency is integrated with architectural air systems. Human breath is amplified and reflected via nasal thermistors. When a person exhales, the thermistor sends a signal to the thermostat which activates the blower to proportionally amplify one’s breath and blow the respiratory pattern back into the space as a gust of conditioned air

A short film animating the Vanna Venturi House which reinterprets the archetypal suburban house as a contemporary architectural statement

Ornament and flattened facades are used as the creator of space in order to hyper-amplify moments of intimate relationships within impersonal structures

Assessed the architectural properties and potentials of a new aerated foam made of a waste product, recently developed by the Complex Materials group of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich

Explored various experimental large-scale casting methodologies and geometric concepts in tiling

Examining modern economic man and the mystical inclinations that drive his behavior.

Stability is negated for hyper-connectivity
Digital reason has replaced historical reason

Gallaratese Quarter / Aldo Rossi & Carlo Aymonino
circulation model study of microcosmic community ‘Gallaratese’