PODCAST: Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg in Conversation with Luiza Furia

Designing Nature for a “Better” Future

In this podcast episode, MARCH student Luiza Furia speaks with multidisciplinary artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg about the central notions in her research. Her artworks, writing, and curatorial projects explore the human values that shape design, science, technology, and nature.

Ginsberg shares with us her concept of “better,” which is oftentimes ambiguously used in synthetic biology to describe a vision of the future. She also expresses her concerns and her attitudes on the ethics and potential of synthetic biology experiments in designing and inventing new species. With her work, she projects an optimistic future to leave an enjoyable and safe planet for the next generations.

The conversation took place at Columbia GSAPP on October 7, 2019 prior to Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg’s lecture. This podcast was produced and edited by Sritoma Bhattacharjee and Yulin Peng.